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Fellow Clara French Press discount offer

Want a piece of kit that gives you incredible-tasting coffee, without the faff, while looking great in the process?

We thought so – who wouldn’t want that? It seems like a lot to ask for – no hassle, good looks, and great coffee but we’re here to tell you that Day 16 of our Advent offerings will bring you precisely that.

20% Off Fellow Clara French Press

The Fellow Clara French Press is in an immersion coffee league of its own. With its coffee and water measure lines, all-directional pour lid and enhanced filtration mesh, you’ll get the perfect brew every time – without any of the guesswork. With nuanced details and enhanced features, the brewing process using the Clara is simple, enjoyable, and the embodiment of a coffee table centerpiece. Whether you want to impress with a French Press recipe around the breakfast table or close off an evening with friends, the Clara will have you oozing sophistication, style and, above all, fabulous tasting coffee.

Fellow Clara French Press discount code

What’s more, you can get your hands on the Fellow Clara for 20% off when you buy today with code FELLOWMEFORCOFFEE. That’s an incredible French press for just £63.36.

Bada bing-bada brew! What could be better than that?

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We’ve got an incredible selection of coffee kit for all stages of the brewing journey – whether you’re a rookie or an expert – you’ll be sure to find something you need.

Happy shopping.