It’s the 6th day of our Advent offer bonanza and boy are we getting the big guns out today!

There are some key necessities to getting the perfect brew and getting the right amount of freshly ground coffee is up there with one of the most important. If you want to be able to grind yours within 0.1g of the required dose, or you know someone who’d thank you for the gift of precision - then look no further!

For today only we’re giving you…

The Baratza Grinder Sette 270Wi with 20% off. Yes, that’s right - that’s a saving of over £100!

The Wi is intelligent. If you’ve set the target weight to 20g but only 19.6g are produced, the Wi will self-adjust – so on the next grind, the motor will stop just a touch later. The Wi is a quick learner  and within just a few grinds will have self-adjusted so that it repeatedly doses within a few tenths of a gram.

You’ll never find yourself pining after a more accurate grinder again – this piece of kit will have you second guessing everything BUT your grounds this Christmas.

To get 20% off use code FIVEGOLDRINGS at checkout.

Offer ends midnight tonight so make sure you get yours now!

Be sure to check your emails to keep up to date with our Advent offers in the run up to the big day. We’ve got a range of coffee gear for all stages of the brewing journey – whether you’re a beginner or a pro – you’ll find something you love.