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Save 20% on the Baratza Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder

We’re only a few days from the end of our Advent offers, but it’s not over yet. We’ve got something you’re going to want to get your hands on if you’ve been looking for a grinder to step up your coffee game.

Bringing you the Baratza Virtuoso + - an upgrade and replacement of the previous Virtuoso – a step up for the advanced coffee lover. With a new dial to adjust grind time you can make adjustments within a 10th of a second and the digital timer makes setting a repeatable dose effortless. The high-performance burr set reduces the fines in all levels of grind, giving you a clean (café quality) flavour in the cup, while the digital interface allows for easy, time-based dosing.

Your daily grind never felt so easy.

And if you wanted to see it in action – you can. The grounds bin area has been made so that it lights up - so you can get the perfect action shot as it happens!

Get 20% off the Baratza Virtuoso + with discount code

The Baratza Virtuoso + Grinder is a brewing tool that will fast forward your coffee journey with consistency and reliability and for today only you can get it for under £185! That’s a saving of £45.80. Just use code XMASGRIND at checkout to save 20%.

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You’ll be sure to find something you’ll love - whether you’re buying something special for your loved one, a coffee enthusiast friend, or for yourself, we won’t disappoint (even if we do say so ourselves).

Happy shopping.