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The Sage Oracle Kit discount offer

It’s very nearly here – time is running out and you’re on the hunt for gift sets – you want to get something worthwhile but don’t have the time to put something together yourself…  

We’ve got your back on Day 17 of our Advent offers with yet another perfect gift for your coffee enthusiast friends who want to make 2022 the year they up their coffee game to pro level.

Imagine a gift set – but one that you’d actually want. Not one of those that stay hidden in the back of the cupboard all year round. This is a gift set that you’d actually be thankful to receive!

Brew like a barista with 30% off the Sage Oracle Kit

Every barista worth their weight invests in the finest tools for world-class brewing. Sound like the heady heights you’re after? Then today’s offering from the coffee Gods is for you!

The Sage Oracle Kit has been lovingly put together by our very own in-house baristas to help you get the most out of any new pro-coffee tools you buy. Named after the Sage Oracle coffee machine, this kit comprises of the Rhino Stealth Milk Pitcher, a Pro Black Tamper 58mm and 3 barista cloths - you’ll be making perfect Flatties in your own kitchen in no time!

This kit makes the perfect gift set for any coffee-loving pals who want to up their coffee game.

Get yours for 30% off today with code KITMEUP.

And remember, we’ve put together a variety of Advent deals that would make even the most seasoned bargain-hunter smile – so make sure to check your emails for more offers!

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Whether you’re after a unique coffee brewing gift for your loved one or something to introduce a friend to the artisan coffee world - there’s something for you. We’ve purposely included coffee gear for all stages of the coffee brewing journey so no matter what stage your gift recipient is at – you’ll find something they’ll love.