The Coffee Man: Journal of a World Barista Champion - Sasa Sestic-Limited Signed Copies!


One of the most eagerly awaited coffee books this year! Sasa Sestic, a World Barista Champion 2015 launches a Kickstarter campaign and effortlessly collects the required budget to publish his inspiring, admirable story.

The Coffee Man starts with a detailed, emotional and sincere summary of a victory in the most prestigious competition every barista can imagine. Then it takes us on a journey to some top-quality coffee farms, in seven countries on different continents. We’re introduced to Šestić friends’ stories, challenges they had to face, as well as many details of their collaboration in relentless pursuit of the perfect cup.

The book was published in an elegant hardcover and contains many photos from Sasa’s private archives. 100% of the profits generated from the publication will be donated by the author to coffee-producing communities in Nicaragua and Ethiopia.