Chemex 6 Cup Wood Neck Coffee Maker

The Chemex Coffee Maker is a simple, timeless piece of art for brewing delicious coffee. Made from high-quality glass the Chemex coffee maker has featured in movies and museums all over the world.


The Chemex Coffee Maker is easy to use with the Chemex Filter Papers. Grind your coffee, pour hot water over coffee and it filters through the paper resulting in a clean, delicious coffee. Looks great in your kitchen or on your dining table. A real talking point over dinner or breakfast.

Features and Benefits:

  • The 6 cup model pictured here is great for making up to 900ml of brewed coffee.
  • The wood collar is held on by a piece of tanned leather. Easily removed it can then be placed in the dishwasher.
  • If looked after it will give years, decades of use.
  • We have filter papers and accessories available. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
It's ok

I've been using a cheap generic version for a while and was actually hoping for more when I bought the original Chemex. It's ok, but it's just glass and a piece of wood, just like the generic one.


I love this chemex and it's great for quickly making coffee for 2 people or more. I originally bought the 3 cup Chemex, but I found it was two small to quickly make 2 mugs of coffee because it can only hold so much water at a time and so you need to refill the top and wait for it to filter through several times before you have enough coffee.

This one works much better as the top is much wider and so you can pretty much add all the water (500ml) for 2 mugs of coffee in one pour, if you do it slowly enough.

I do think they look great as well as functioning very well, which is why I went for this rather than a cheaper alternative. Once again I've found Coffee Hit to have the best price online and so I don't even really bother to shop around anymore when it comes to coffee supplies.


I have the one pint coffee maker but with family staying it got very fiddly, so went for the larger size. Price was very competitive. Makes a grand cup of coffee, much the best I’ve tried, and that’s quite a few. Well worth purchasing an appropriate kettle that gives you the correct water temperature. So far I’m using a Hari kettle with thermometer. But may slash out for the Cheney one on my birthday.


Beautiful and useful. What's not to like. Great coffee too.


Makes fantastic coffee - love using it. Looks great too