Rhino Shot Pitcher Dual Spout 3oz/80ml


This pitcher has everything you need with a handle and two pour spouts! Graduated marks read in ounces and milliliters for all your measuring needs.

Ounces are marked at every 1/2oz

Millimeters are marked at every 10ml 

Customer Reviews

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Does the job.

1. Sounds basic but just to confirm it does indeed collect both coffee steams from a standard double spout portafilter. You do need to position it carefully but it works just fine. This was the main reason I purchased this item. Using 2 separate shot glasses every time was getting tedious.
2. If you have the Rhino 2oz shot glasses (which are heavy weight bits of quality glassware) this is much lighter in comparison. It is also moulded and the join lines are clearly visible.
3. The graduations marked on the glass are accurate. I checked them by weight (on scales) and cross checked by volume with a laboratory measuring cylinder and all were within the accuracy you can read given the meniscus.
4. The graduations are applied with paint. I did read an earlier review that complained that after a few cycles in a dishwasher the graduation marks wore off. I can see this happening, however I always hand wash things like this and wine glasses as I find the chemicals in dishwashers can leave a residue (and hence taste) behind that can spoil delicate flavours.
5. I had not used CoffeeHit before but delivery was prompt and the glass was offered at a competitive price.
6. OK that's it!

Good but not perfect

I bought three of these 2 1/2 years ago, unfortunately, the markings wore off after a couple of months of going through the dishwasher. This hasn't been too much of a problem as by then I knew what 1 or 2 oz looked like in the glass. The glass is nice and wide and will catch both portafilter spoutes and the handle is very useful. Would I buy them again, certainly they do the job and when I broke one I didn't burst into tears because of the cost.