Comandante C40 Mk3 Nitro Blade-Wenge Style


The all new Comandante C40 Nitro Blade is an amazing precision grinding instrument. The advanced burr design and precision gives a consistent level of grind beyond expectations.

The burrs are a piece of art. Using high alloy and high nitrogen stainless steel the burrs are made on from one block of steel. Using german engineering of the highest order, the burrs are extremely tough, sharp, highly wear resistant and high degree of edge retention.

The centre axel is fixed and supported by two micro ball bearings for better distribution of force and grinding action.

The wooden knob is hand made from 100% natural oak wood. Gives a comfortable feel when grinding. Is finished with Wax Oil.

All plastic parts are made Tritan BPA free plastic.

The grind selection dial is a three legged star with click indentations to hold your chosen grind setting. Turn clockwise for finer grind and anti clockwise for coarser grind.

Its comes with 2 jars. One dark coloured glass jar with lid and one clear glass jar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Great grinder, sturdy and of high quality. Only downside is that I have a harder time holding it firmly when grinding lighter roasts, which are harder beans. It was easier with my previous Porlex grinder because its body is slimmer and it had a rubber band; however the Commandante grind quality is higher.

Outstanding results

I got this when it first appeared. The flavour of my coffee was so much better than with my electric grinder that I used it all the time. Then, after a few months, cracks appeared in the lid, near the axle and they eventually ran out to the rim.

Coffeehit and Commandante sent me a new lid (great service folks).

But the original wasn’t misused so I’ve never felt comfortable using the grinder as often as I did. Early morning is electric and the Commandante only comes out when I’ve woken up. Hence the four stars, despute the five star result.