Lido 2 Hand Coffee Grinder

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The Orphan Espresso Lido 2 Hand grinder is amazing piece of engineering designed to make grinding coffee beans a pleasure.

The craftsmanship is superb. This results in a very uniform particle size, ideal for the perfect extraction of your delicious coffee.


  • 48mm Swiss steel conical grinding burrs
  • Die-cast crank handle with integrated funnel for easy bean loading
  • Large capacity food safe BPA free plastic hopper. Holds up to 70g of coffee beans.
  • Bronze dual axle replaceable bearing system for complete grinding stability and consistent particle size.
  • Micrometric stepless grind size adjustment system.
  • Anti Static plastic 8oz ground coffee jar
  • Rubber countertop stand
  • One step disassembly for easy cleaning with included tool
  • Height: 33cm, diameter: 7.5cm
  • Weight 1.07kg

Which LIDO Manual Grinder is Right for Me? 

The OE Lido 2, Lido 3, and Lido E Manual Coffee Grinders all have the same precision burr set, made by Etzinger, Ltd, Switzerland.  The format & size of all 3 grinders are the same.  

A short summary of features of the two LIDO hand grinder models:

LIDO 2:  About 1068 grams in weight.  Counter stand is included.  Neoprene travel bag optional & is sold separately.  Plastic catch jar.  Satin Nickel Finish.   Standard adjustment ring threading.

LIDO 3:  About 1000 grams in weight.  Includes Neoprene travel bag and hopper stopper.  Folding handle.  RTP Anti-static plastic catch jar.   Black EPD Finish.  Standard adjustment ring threading.

LIDO E:  About 1000 grams in weight.  Counter stand and ConeTop™  Dosing Funnel are included. Neoprene bag is optional & sold separately.  RTP Anti-static plastic catch jar.   Satin Chrome Finish.  Fine Adjustment ring threading.


Your choice of grinders is dependent on your general desired usage.   

The Lido 2 is heavier than Lido 3, and we designed it as a home grinder that can travel.   It is a full range grinder, but some users may find dialing in the espresso range challenging.

The Lido 3 is designed as a travel grinder that can be used at home.   It is a full range grinder, but some users may find dialing in the espresso range challenging.

The Lido E was designed specifically for coffee enthusiasts who intend to use the grinder mostly for espresso or finer grinding levels.   It is a full range grinder.  Some users may find the fine thread resolution challenging in the coarse range.  

Customer Reviews

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Great grinder, heavy duty quality. Takes some practice to dial in different grit.


A very well made product, sturdy, easy to use and looks quite nice I recommend this grinder, it is also a good exercise for the hands and arms I alternate between left and right hand .


The internet was right. This grinder is worth its cost. There is no upgrade beyond this.


Amazing product, it's made all the difference. If you're gonna get wet, you might as well swim! This grinder is the Micheal Phelps of that metaphor!


Highly recommended, a monster grinder!