Rhino Digital Dose Scale 500g/0.1g


This little pocket scale is perfect for weighing out the dose in your filter basket or weighing the extraction into an espresso cup.

These have a tilted display for easier viewing and a nice backlit digital display.

  • Weigh platform is 7cm x 7cm
  • Bright White Backlit LCD
  • 2 x AAA Batteries included

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Very good value for money. For £14 don't expect to get a super incredible, does everything, water proof scale because you're not paying for that. It does its job perfectly, weights well and it's sturdy. My chef friends love it too!

Low quality scale that failed after just a few uses

Like other reviewers have mentioned before me, the scale incorrectly says it weighs up to 1,000g whereas it does in fact only goes up to 500g before it maxes out and shows a blank screen. So if you want to measure your water in a cup, look elsewhere. Furthermore, this scale is overly sensitive to water. I got a few drops of water onto the scale from a wet cup I took out of the sink and the scale stopped working immediately. It wouldn't turn on anymore most of the time and if it did, it erratically showed different weights (the numbers went up and down without ever stopping) even if there wasn't any weight on the scale. I had bought a scale for 5 quid off eBay a few years back which has resisted steam, hot water and lots of coffee spills just fine, so I the Rhino scale must be of really inferior quality. I have just disposed of it after just two weeks of usage since water damage doesn't fall under the producer's warranty according to Coffeehit's customer service. Rhino should rather promote this scale for weighing letters but definitely not for coffee...