Lido E Travel Hand Espresso Grinder

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The Lido E-Travel hand grinder from Orphan Espresso is the perfect grinder for grinding espresso on the go. 

The folding handle allows for easy travelling along with the neoprene travel bag. Along with an improved bearing system to imprve consistancy at espresso settings. Featuring Swiss made burrs give uniform grind size essentail for great espresso.

The fine thread adjustment allows for very fine adjustments to really dial in your espresso. All metal components are now chrome plated alumnium.

Customer Reviews

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Great quality by OE. I could happily live with this as my only grinder.


I already own two other Lido grinders (an original and an early Lido 2), I wanted something a little lighter in weight, for travel/brewed coffee at the finer end of the spectrum & Lido E fits the bill perfectly. Upgraded bearing and refinements in adjustment mechanism are tangible improvements over the earliest iteration Lido 2. Great products, evolving into better products still.


Great hand grinder! Sturdy, simple and robust design, will probably last a lifetime. Easy to clean and even take completely apart. Compared to the older Lido 2, the finer threading gives somewhat more resistance when you adjust the burrs. The extra axle impedes beans flowing to the burrs somewhat. But the finer threading is excellent for adjusting the grind for espresso!


Perfect as it supposed to be. The performance of this machine surprised me even though I had an idea what will I get. Seems like OE knows how to build a proper grinder. Absolutely worth the money!


Surely this grinder will last a lifetime as the build quality is superb. Having used several Hario and Rhino models, the step-up in price is steep, but the results make it seem something of a bargain - especially factoring in the cost of periodic replacement of the Harios. Grind consistency and quality are on a par with a commercial electric grinder, but at one quarter or less the price. For home use, this is all you need. Aesthetically, there is something very steam punk about this piece of kit, and it is heavy and robust. Highly recommended.",