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Coffee Pods by Terrone

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Our environmentally friendly biocapsule are compatible with Nespresso® machines and are 100% home compostable (certified OKcompost): they start biodegrading as soon as 14 weeks after use with no need of controlled environment conditions (vs PLA compostable pods that can only be decomposed in dedicated plans). For our pods we always source premium coffee, grown at high levels and in a single geographic location by groups of small farms.

They are filled with our direct traded Guatemalan coffee, which it's also certified organic. We started this direct project back in January 2018.

Our premium coffee capsules use only the highest quality Arabica beans, carefully selected by expert Q Graders coffee tasters. To retain freshness and the 'just ground' taste, each capsule has an oxygen barrier so they have long shelf life even once out of the packaging. A perfect coffee for the morning kick. We roasted the coffee with a focus on sweetness and balance. It has a strong, creamy body, notes of milk chocolate, orange and almond finish. and is surprisingly floral.