Orphan Espresso Grinders

Orphan Espresso Grinders

Made and designed by people obsessed with manual coffee grinding. OE grinders are the best available.

Usually surpassing any commercial products at 10 times the cost. Shop our range today.

Lido 3 Hand Coffee Grinder-Orphan Espresso-Coffee Hit
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Lido 3 Hand Coffee Grinder

The Lido just got better. Not content with making the best hand grinder ever built, Orphan Espresso have just made it better. Introducing the Lido ...

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Lido E Travel Hand Espresso Grinder-Orphan Espresso-Coffee Hit

Lido E Travel Hand Espresso Grinder

The Lido E-Travel hand grinder from Orphan Espresso is the perfect grinder for grinding espresso on the go.  The folding handle allows for easy tra...

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Lido Series Adjustment Stack Soft Washer Set-Orphan Espresso-Coffee Hit

Lido Series Adjustment Stack Soft Washer Set

The set comes with 2 custom pieces for the Lido series hand grinders. The thin white nylon piece sits between the adjustment ring and the locking n...

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Lido Jar Lid-Orphan Espresso-Coffee Hit

Lido Jar Lid

Replacement Lid for the Orphan Espresso Lido Jar

OE Apex Manual Coffee Grinder-Orphan Espresso-Coffee Hit

OE Apex Manual Coffee Grinder

The OE Apex Manual Coffee Grinder is designed for all Coffee Brewing methods (NOT suitable for espresso or Turkish coffee).    Features: Harden...

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