Coffee Tampers
      Tamped to perfection
      Coffee tampers are an essential tool for making great espresso. Our range of tampers are designed for daily use and make a great accessory to your espresso gear.
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      Saavy scales
      Let these scales guide you to a perfect cup of coffee. Shop our collection of scales with smart features.
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      Milk pitchers
      Our pitchers feature frothy features like portion control, nonstick finish, and the perfect pouring spout
      Milk Pitchers
      rhino stealth pro pitcher
      Beauty and function
      Our pro range of Stealth Milk Pitchers have the perfect spout to help you pour latte art. Used Barista Champions for years. They are the perfect design and weight. Double coated in a non stick they easily wipe down to stay clean.
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      Easy Clean up
      Knock Box
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      consistency is key
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      filter papers
      Clean and Delicious
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