FAQ Aeropress

What is difference between French Press and Aeropress?

There 3 areas that make the Aeropress different to the French Press.

Time: A typical French Press is 3-4 minutes, the Aeropress typically takes 45 seconds

Clean: The Aweropress gives a much cleaner brew, no grit in the bottom of your cup.

Unbreakable: Made of BPA free plastic, it's virtually unbreakable!

Is the Aeropress any good?

The great advantage the Aeropress has is its simple to make very good coffee. It doesn't have many moving parts, pretty quickly you can be making good coffee from scratch.

Does the Aeropress make good espresso?

The Aeropress doenst make good espresso as you know it. Its more like a strongly brewed cup of coffee. There are attchments that try to improve on its espresso making cababilities and these are worth a try if you wont your coffee closer to espresso style. But if yu like your coffee brewed black then the Aeropress is for you.

Does Aeropress use more coffee?

The Aeropress uses the same amount of coffee as other methods. You would use 14g of ground coffee to make one mug of Aeropress brew. This is the same amount of coffee as say an espresso shot.