Brewista Smart Ratio Brew Scale


The only scale that teaches you how to make perfect coffee.

The new Brewista Ratio Brew Scale is the ultimate brewing scale. It gives guidance on brew time, the ratio of water to coffee and brew time, all on the scale with no need for external devices.


  • Auto Tare - Scale will auto tare when you place vessel on scale and when you his RATIO button.
  • RATIO function - Scale will weigh the coffee you place in vessel and tell you the exact amount of water to add. This RATIO can be set by user.
  • Auto Time - Brew time starts once water hits the coffee, automatically.
  • Brew Speed - The scale will give you the perfect brerw time and give you live feedback on your pour. This way you can see if your pouring to fast or too slow and adjust accordingly.
  • Re-chargeable - Has USB re chargebale battery.
  • Water Resistant - Coated in water resistant nano technology allows accidental spills and also to wash the scale without affecting the scale at all

    Product Dimensions: 6.5" (165mm) W x 7.75" (197mm) D x 1.5" (38mm) H
    (Weighing platform is 140mm flat edge to flat edge)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great little scale

Bought this scale to use with my Chemex & Brewista Gooseneck Kettle and I've been loving it so far. The ratio mode helps you to add the correct amount of water based on the amount of grinds you put in and so saves you having to calculate it yourself and I love using it this.

The guide for how quickly you should be pouring this water is a nice touch, but I find it very hard to get a stream thin enough to stick to it and so often break my pours down to allow it to catch up.

The only issue I've encountered is that when I've tried stirring midway through (I've seen this recommended it a few places) it sometimes resets the scales, which is a pain. I guess the added weight of a stirrer being added and then taken away maybe tricks the scale into thinking that the chemex has been picked up? An easy way around this is to only stir right at the end when you know you've added enough water.