Bunn ICB Soft Heat 3.0


Great Design

Sleek, modernized design language on the brewer and servers

Rounded angles on the corners and trunk

Coordinating petal-shaped handles on brew basket,
dispenser faucet, and hot water faucet create intuitive
visual cues for user-interaction

Contrasting stainless steel and black colors create a
distinctive, refined look

Better positioned fast flow hot water faucet wit h
greater cup clearance

Bright blue LED light indicators prominently show unit
is operational

Quality in the Cup
BUNN Infusion Series technology allows for multiple
recipes from one footprint with six brew buttons and
three batch sizes
Brew batches of .5gal, 1gal or 1.5gal (1.9, 3.8 or 5.7L)
Exclusive Peak Extraction™ Sprayhead is multi-directional
with a 17-hole design to ensure ultimate uniformity
of extraction

USB programming

New Soft Heat® servers are ergonomic, lighter weight, energy efficient and now offer programmable recipe/batch based
holding times and temperatures, alerting staff when freshness has expired or server is empty.

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