Comandante C40 Mk3 Nitro Blade-Black


The all new Comandante C40 Nitro Blade is an amazing precision grinding instrument. The advanced burr design and precision gives a consistent level of grind beyond expectations.

The burrs are a piece of art. Using high alloy and high nitrogen stainless steel the burrs are made on from one block of steel. Using german engineering of the highest order, the burrs are extremely tough, sharp, highly wear resistant and high degree of edge retention.

The centre axel is fixed and supported by two micro ball bearings for better distribution of force and grinding action.

All plastic parts are made Tritan BPA free plastic.

The grind selection dial is a three legged star with click indentations to hold your chosen grind setting. Turn clockwise for finer grind and anti clockwise for coarser grind.

Its comes with 2 jars. One dark coloured glass jar with lid and one clear glass jar.

Customer Reviews

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Rolls Royce of handgrinders

A beautifully crafted grinder made with premium materials. Really sexy to use and a very consistent grind. I can’t believe I coped for so long with previous handgrinders. The click system for dialling in takes a bit of getting used too but each click does alter the grind by the right amount

One of the best manual grinders on the market

When I decided to get a manual coffee grinder, I started with a budget of around £100 – As I kept doing more and more research, the same 3-4 grinders kept getting mentioned as being at the top of the class. Whilst I’ve been told that, out of the very top grinders, they will all perform similarly (especially for pour over) – It comes down to the quality of the materials, ease of use etc. Thankfully, CoffeeHit sells two of the grinders I was looking at. When spending this amount of money I want a reputable place that I can trust!

The Comandante has always stood out to me as a great looking grinder – The wood veneer body and solid oak handle top always struck me as high quality. And once it arrived, I was really impressed by every aspect of the packaging and contents of the box – Comandante do claim that each grinder has been calibrated and individually packed by hand. And they’re not lying!

The grinder has been a joy to use – Finding true zero has been a very easy process, you can even do this and change the grind size whilst beans have been loaded into the chamber. It takes me around 35 seconds for 30 grams on a fine grind size (20) which is quicker than the kettle takes to boil. The glass jar has had no problems with static & the ground beans sticking. I also purchased a Pallo brush to clean the chamber and burr grinder which works great. Disassembling and re assembling everything for cleaning is very straight forward.

Regarding the consistency of the grind – It has been very uniform, regardless of grind size – This is all very anecdotal though as I don’t have any experience with other grinders. I'm only on my 3rd bag of coffee, but I see this maintaining its quality for a long time to come.