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High Continental Blend by John Watt

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 Roast Style DARK
 Origin BRAZIL

High Continental Blend is produced from Rainforest Alliance Accredited beans.

Our High Continental Blend provides a strong dark coffee perfect for those going on night-shift. We roast the Arabica beans until they have finished crackling and the smoke has gone from white to black, just before the point that they will catch fire. This produces a strong but smooth coffee.

It has a distinctive oily sheen, and a strong aroma which is unmistakable. A sensory overload. People have often thanked us for their morning caffeine fix whilst standing at the end of Blackfriars Street as we roast High Continental Blend!

A favourite of Carlisle's Blue Fire Brigade's nightshift. Origin: Brazil Estate: Various (Santos Region) Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra Certification: Rainforest Alliance Processing: Dry Processed