Lido E Travel Hand Espresso Grinder


The Lido E-Travel hand grinder from Orphan Espresso is the perfect grinder for grinding espresso on the go. 

The folding handle allows for easy travelling along with the neoprene travel bag. Along with an improved bearing system to imprve consistancy at espresso settings. Featuring Swiss made burrs give uniform grind size essentail for great espresso.

The fine thread adjustment allows for very fine adjustments to really dial in your espresso. All metal components are now chrome plated alumnium.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

It's my only grinder. It's good quality, grinds perfectly and easy to use and clean.

Hand Grinder

Great hand held grinder. Very sturdy and well constructed so it will last a lifetime (not lightweight!). The instructions suggest using a 'vortex' technique when grinding (looks a bit like doing a sideways doggy paddle). It definitely works and you grind beans quicker. I would also suggest that you look at youtube videos for how best to set the grind from fine to course. It takes a little practice to figure out how to refine the setting. Now i've set mine to just right for my espresso machine I rarely touch the setting. I weigh beans before putting into the grinder rather than after grinding (it is a lot easier).