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Peak Water Filters by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood (2pk)

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Down to the Filter

Better brewing water begins and ends with the filter - and this one's really special. Domestic water filters are typically based around a cone-shaped design and a basic mix of charcoal and resin, with water passing through the filter top-to-bottom.

At the heart of Peak Water is the innovative disc filter, combining precisely calculated flow dynamics with the new ‘filter maze’ system - ensuring that your water is completely treated, every time. The filter utilises highly specific ion-exchange resins to control and manipulate bicarbonate - the variable with the greatest impact on a coffee’s cup quality - while balancing the water’s ph level and retaining crucial minerals required for great brewing.

Tailor-Made Water

Tap water varies greatly from city to city, let alone country to country - and one of the team’s biggest technical challenges was to ensure that Peak Water could tackle the mineral content of different tap waters around the world.

Using the results of extensive and continuing global water surveys, Peak Water were able to develop four distinct filter settings that take advantage of Peak Water’s advanced filter design. This provides unprecedented control over your water’s bicarbonate, whilst allowing for complete saturation in the carbon chamber, eliminating unwanted chlorine and organic compounds.

Simply test your tap water with the supplied test strip, adjust Peak Water to the appropriate filter setting outlined in the user guide, and create great brewing water wherever you are.

Peak water vs bottled water

Bottled water has long been the go-to for improved home brewing, but Peak Water have always seen bottled water as a compromise - a halfway point on the way to exceptional coffee at home. The dissolved solids (or lack thereof) in most bottled waters make them delicious for drinking, but less-than-optimal for coffee brewing - not to mention the environmental impact.

With Peak Water, you get next-level brewing water, without the waste — at less than half the cost per litre.

The disc filter has also been designed to keep the carbon and resin sections completely separate, allowing for re-generation and recycling of Peak Water filters.

Included in the box

  • 2 replacement Peak Water filters