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Tiger Beans by Fair Beans

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Roast Style MEDIUM
Origin INDIA

India Ratnagiri blended with Monsooned Malabar to give a fantastic taste of Cocoa, Caramel and a slight hint of cedar.

The Malabar from the foothills of Baba Budan is first selectively handpicked before being sorted for quality. The coffee cherry is placed on patios and slowly sun-dried for 6 hours a day, over 11 days. This slow drying method helps to allow for the retention of the coffee’s quality and flavour. Once dried, the coffee cherry is milled, ready to begin the monsoon process.

Coffee production in the region is conducted in a way as to not harm the wide variety of plants and animals found here. The coffee is shade-grown, under three tiers of tree canopies. This technique helps to protect the coffee plants from much too much direct sunlight, as well as also allowing the surrounding ecosystem to continue to flourish.

To create the ‘monsooned’ crop, natural sun-dried green coffee is stored in open-sided warehouses on the coast, allowing moist tropical air from the monsoon winds to blow through the storage area over a 3 month period, the beans absorb moisture, lose a degree of their natural acidity and swell to around double their original size. The Ratnagirl beans spend 8 to 10 hours in wet fermentation. It is then mechanically de-mucilaged before being dried for 4 days on raised beds where further sorting takes place before being transferred to brick patios to finish. The total drying time is 9 to 11 days.