Upgrade my Baratza 270W to 270Wi!


If you would like us to upgrade your 270W to 270Wi we offer this service to you.

The price includes the new display screen and installation and testing by our Baratza trained technician. We also give you grinder a once over and replace any damaged parts, excluding burrs.

Once we have received your order we will email you a shippng label to send the grinder in to us.
Plese send your grinder in without the hopper or bin.
Make sure the grinder is well packaged. Don't use loose fill peanuts, they are not secure enough.
Please remember to include your Name and Order/Reference Number with the grinder.

The “i” in 270Wi stands for intelligence – the grinder now quickly calculates and predicts the point at which grinding stops after a change to grind setting, beans, or dose weight. This eliminates the need to adjust the offset.
The new software maximizes the grinder’s built-in Acaia high precision scale by filtering unpredicted vibrations that could affect weighing accuracy.
A “quick burst” (pulse) feature allows you to add small increments of coffee to your final dose after the grinder has stopped.
Future software updates will be available wirelessly via integrated Bluetooth using iOS devices.


Click here for your upgrade instructions.