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Functional Features

Stunning Designs

Award-winning coffee gear designed to make
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Introducing Clara

Meet the most thoughtful French press.

Silty coffee, messy clean-up, and a barely-warm brew are a thing of the past with Clara, Fellow’s take on a timeless classic. Oozing modern style synonymous with the Fellow range, Clara is in an immersion league of her own. An All-Directional Pour Lid is always open for business with no need to align the spout, while an oversized press feels like a dream in your palm. And because the team at Fellow do sweat the small stuff, they’ve added an agitation stick to aid extraction. Clara’s Enhanced Filtration Mesh brings out clean and complex flavours in a full-bodied brew.        

Clever and functional designs
to make brewing fun for everyone

Fellow is owned and managed by self-acclaimed coffee nerds who are obsessed with product design. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a beginner, Fellow products are designed for everyone to have fun with the craft of brewing. They have a growing cache of awards for their acclaimed products, including the Stagg EKG Kettle, which won the Red Dot Award in April 2018 and the ODE Brew Grinder, which picked up the Specialty Coffee Association Best New Product Award in 2021. Fellow’s most recent offering to emerge from the stable is the Clara – reinventing the French press.

From Kickstarter To Award-Winning Industry Innovator

Fellow began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, founded by Jake Miller. Today they are a 20-person team. They opened their first flagship store in 2017 in San Francisco’s Mission District, which they call the Playground, a space where customers can brew and test their products, share coffee tips, take a class, or just talk shop. This small startup is continually making waves across the coffee gear industry with its innovative and stunning designs that combine functionality with artistic design. Fellow is rapidly expanding its portfolio of coffee and tea brewing products and Coffee Hit is proud to be an official UK distributor.