We are official distributors of Baratza grinders. We stock the full range including the new Sette series and full technical support for your grinder purchase. Take a look at our range now.
Baratza Encore-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Encore

The Baratza Encore is the ideal entry level electric grinder. Great for manual brewed coffee. Compact enough for any kitchen it will take your coff...

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Baratza Virtuoso Plus

Baratza Virtuoso Plus

Introducing the Virtuoso+, an upgrade and replacement of the current Virtuoso. In response to customer requests, we have updated the timer switch f...

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Baratza Sette 30 AP-Baratza-Coffee Hit
Sold out

Baratza Sette 30

The Sette 30 is an inexpensive grinder to get started on an espresso journey, suitable for basic and advanced espresso machines.  The Sette 30 has ...

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Baratza Sette 270-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Sette 270

The all-new Sette 270 grinder from Baratza is the future of home coffee grinders. We are excited to introduce this new conical burr series that deb...

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Baratza Sette 270Wi-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Sette 270Wi

The brand new 270Wi learns from the 270W and goes further to make your coffee grinding even more accurate. Using scale manufacturer Acaia technolog...

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Baratza Vario-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Vario

Great coffees balance sweetness, acidity and body to create the perfect cup of coffee. The Baratza Vario is a perfect example of a great grinder co...

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Baratza Forte-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Forte

The Forté can grind from coarse to fine and comes with a 54mm flat ceramic burr, grounds bin for use when grinding by weight, plus a portaholder fo...

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Baratza Ring Burr Holder-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Ring Burr Holder

This plastic part is designed to be the weakest point of your grinder. A cheap part that saves any mishaps. How to simply replace your ring burr ho...

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Baratza Silicone Gasket-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Silicone Gasket

Bean Gasket for under the hopper. Fits Encore, Virtuoso and Preciso

Baratza Burr Removal Tool-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Burr Removal Tool

Make the job of removing your Vario or Forte burrs a whole lot easier with custom Baratza tool.

Baratza Motor
Sold out

Baratza Motor

230v Motor fits Encore, Virtuoso, Preciso, Forte and Vario How to replace the motor in your conical grinder

Baratza Hopper-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Hopper

Clear replacement hopper for Encore, Preciso, Virtuoso, and Vario How to properly install your hopper

Baratza Encore Refurb-Baratza-Coffee Hit
Sold out

Baratza Encore Refurb

Baratza Encore fully refurbished by our workshop technicians, updated to the newest available parts. Fully cleaned after refurbishment but may have...

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Baratza Gearbox 2.0 Upgrade Kit-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Gearbox 2.0 Upgrade Kit

A kit to upgrade the gear box to the new GB2 in the Encore, Preciso and Virtuoso. This rebuild kit for has all the parts you need to rebuild and up...

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Baratza Preciso Adjustment Kit-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Preciso Adjustment Kit

Replacement adjustment ring kit for the Preciso   See troubleshooting section on for instructions. Includes:   Adjustment ring - 2070 A...

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Baratza Vario/Forte Adjustment Tool-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Vario/Forte Adjustment Tool

This Baratza Vario and Forte adjustment tool allows you to calibrate your grinder to espresso or French press.

Baratza Cleaning Brush-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Cleaning Brush

Baratza Cleaning Brush. Use this brush to clear unwanted coffee grinds from your grinders chute.

Baratza Ring Burr and Holder-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Ring Burr and Holder

This ring burr and holder is suitable for Encore, Virtuoso (model 586), and Preciso.

Baratza Encore/Maestro Plus Burr Set-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Encore/Maestro Plus Burr Set

Replacement set of burrs for Baratza Encore These are rated to last between 230-450kg of coffee.

Baratza Adjustment Kit-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Adjustment Kit

Replacement adjustment ring kit for the Virtuoso, Encore, Maestro PLus, Maestro, and Baratza Starbucks Barista. See trouble shooting section on Bar...

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Baratza Forte/Vario Ceramic Burrs Set-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Forte/Vario Ceramic Burrs Set

Spare ceramic burrs for Baratza Forte, also fits the Mahlkonig Vario. These are rated to last between 450-680kg of coffee. (screws are included) Ho...

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Baratza Sette Brew Burr and Holder-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Sette Brew Burr and Holder

This burr and burr holder is specifically designed for courser grind on your Baratza Sette. This will be better for pour-over or manual brewing. Se...

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Baratza Steel Burrs Pair w/screws-Baratza-Coffee Hit

Baratza Steel Burrs Pair w/screws

The Baratza Forte comes with Ceramic burrs which are designed better for espresso grind. If you prefer steel burrs for brew grinding then this set ...

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Baratza Virtuoso Refurb-Baratza-Coffee Hit
Sold out

Baratza Virtuoso Refurb

Refurbished grinders are preowned grinders that have been fixed, cleaned, and updated to the newest parts, but might have minor blemishes and scrat...

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