Baratza Sette 270Wi


The brand new 270Wi learns from the 270W and goes further to make your coffee grinding even more accurate.

Using scale manufacturer Acaia technology that process is a lot quicker than previous.

The key features of the Acai driven 270Wi are:

1. The Wi processor contains a smoothing algorithm that helps the grinder focus on the important information: ground coffee falling into your portafilter. This smoothing algorithm allows the grinder to better ignore irrelevant spikes in load cell information. For example, bumping into the countertop can create a vibration which the Wi ignores.

2. The Wi is intelligent. If, for example, the grinder’s target weight is 20g but only 19.6g are produced, the Wi will self-adjust. On the next grind, it will stop the motor just a little later. This might result in a slight overdose, but not to worry; the Wi keeps learning and within a few grinds will self-adjust so that it repeatedly doses within a few tenths of a gram!

This means awesome accuracy.

3. Improved user interface

  1. Burst Mode: A common frustrating experience on the 270W is under-dosing. If a 270W stops short of its target dose, the user is unable to “top off” the grind without zeroing out weight readings. If the Wi stops early, but within 5g of the target, it will enter Burst Mode. When in this mode, each press of the START button runs the motor for 0.1 seconds. This function can be used indefinitely until the portafilter is removed or the STOP button is pressed. Burst Mode allows the home barista to grind more coffee incrementally, ‘topping off’ from 16-19.8g up to 20g.
  2. Under-dosing: If the Wi stops early and is more than 5g from the target, it will switch to Pause Mode. From here, simply pressing START again will continue grinding towards the target weight.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Coffee Requisite

There are a number of things you have to get right to make great coffee and one of them is the grind. I have had several grinders and until now none have given the consistency that is required for taste and crema but this one is different, the quantity is repeatable to the 0.1 gram and has three separate settings for single, double and espresso shots, well worth the money.

Fantastic Grinder

I've been using this Grinder for espresso and pour over and I couldn't be happier with the grind consistency and dosing. It also looks fantastic on the counter.