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25% off the Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Kettle

The trick to wonderful-tasting coffee is a slow, even pour. If you rush the pouring process you’ll be sipping on coffee which tastes sour through lack of time for your coffee grounds to extract.

Pouring your water over the grounds slowly makes sure the water stays in contact with the coffee for longer – so you’ll get a balanced extraction and the best flavour for your brew.

The problem is that your average kitchen kettle will sabotage this for you. Every. Single. Time…   You just can’t get the pour you need from these – which is why today’s offering in our Coffee Hit advent series is a must-have for every discerning coffee fan…

Discount code for the Brewista Artisan 1L Gooseneck Variable Kettle

The Brewista Artisan 1L Gooseneck Variable Kettle is perfect for getting your pour just right – with its precision spout you’ll enjoy full control over your pour so your grounds are protected from an avalanche of water for the perfect tasting brew.

If the thought of your perfected pour wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy then perfecting your pour for 25% less money might be. 

Use code GIVINGMEGOOSEBUMPS at checkout to redeem your discount until midnight tonight.

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