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Hario V60 Starter Kit discount offer

Travelling to see loved ones this Christmas? After cancelled Christmases last year the thought of spending time with loved ones is even more appealing than ever before! But maybe, just maybe, the thought of Aunt Dora’s instant is making your hair stand on end already…

Sadly, not everyone has your superior taste in coffee. So we thought we’d bring you a kit that will make your brew more than just bearable, wherever you go this Christmas.

On day 20 of our advent offerings, we’re bringing you the Hario V60 Starter Kit.

This neat little kit will be sure to have you singing its praises when you’re saved from the many subpar instants you’d have been sure to endure at Aunt Dora’s. More than just convenience, this brilliant bundle brings you peace of mind that your days will be filled with home comforts and perfect coffee, every time.

The Hario V60 Starter Kit contains a Rhino Small Hand Coffee Grinder, a Hario V60 02 Size Plastic Dripper and a pack of 40 Hario size filter papers. The plastic dripper and mini grinder are the perfect options for chucking in your suitcase so no matter where you spend Christmas - you won’t have to worry about starting your morning with a terrible brew!

Hario V60 Starter Kit discount code for 30% off

And if that wasn’t enough to get you jumping for joy you can get yours today for 30% off the regular price with code PEARTREE - and why not gift one for Aunt Dora too? You never know, she might even bin off the instant! It’s a Christmas miracle waiting to happen…

There’s more where that came from – we know,  we spoil you. Remember to check your emails for more advent offerings on coffee gear for beginners right through to pro. If you haven’t signed up to be first in queue for our offers you can do so here:

Whether you’re looking for a gift to invite your friend into the world of artisan coffee, or an early Xmas gift for yourself – you’ll find something that’s sure to fit the bill!