Aeropress V French Press: Which is Better?

Aeropress V French Press: Which is Better?

You might be like "I've heard of this Aeropress thing, but ive always used a French Press, which should I be using?!"

A great question.

Everyone has or has used a French Press, your nan probably had a dusty one in her cupboard somewhere. Your family dust it off when a guest is around and serve them "the good coffee".

But you found it to be underwhelming and full of "coffee dirt" in the bottom of your cup and the French Press. Not nice.

Then your mate says "I got this Aeropress, it's great!"

So what makes it better?

Top 3 Things that Make the Aeropress Great

  1. Quick. French Press should take around 4-5 minutes to brew. The problem then is the water is sitting in the coffee and it's becoming bitter and over-brewed (Yes, I just made that word up, but I like it and may use it more!!). The Aeropress brews in under a minute. Once brewed, that's it, no chance to be over-brewed(!).
  2. Clean. Aeropress gives a nice clean, dirt free, cup of coffee. Much more pleasant to drink and tastes better. Clean up is much easier too.
  3. Unbreakable. Made from BPA free plastic it's virtually indestructible. Just don't put in the hob!

Upgrade from your French Press Now! While you're at it upgrade your families too!

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