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Brewista Smart Scale II 25% discount

Fed up with your coffee scales eating batteries for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Your Christmas decs do enough of that – you don’t need your scales joining in too. Imagine all the extra money you’d have to spend on other great coffee gear if you didn’t have to waste it powering up your scales – we reckon the answer is a lot.

If this sounds accurate, you’ll be pleased to know we’re bringing you the Brewista Smart Scale II 2kg/0.1g with 25% off today!

Water-resistant scales

Perfect for any at home or café barista, these water-resistant scales come with a lithium-ion battery so you can brew all day long.

With 6 different modes to choose from, this smart scale does exactly what it says on the tin. When it comes to kitting out your coffee station, these are a must-have. The functions and capability of the Brewista Smart Espresso Scale II make it one of the most sophisticated scales we’ve seen, and for the price – you can’t go wrong (especially with 25% off!)


Discount code for Brewista Smart Scale II

Don’t wait around though – this offer expires at midnight. Use code DONTWEIGHT at checkout to redeem your 25% discount and never be faced with a hefty battery bill again.

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