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Clever Brewing Bundle discounted by 35%

15 days left until the big one!

Can’t work out what to get for that special someone who seems to have everything? We know the feeling – it’s exhausting. But we’re here to help.

What about the gift of easy, no-nonsense, fabulous tasting coffee? A pipe dream? Absolutely not. It’s perfectly possible. All you need is the Clever Brewing Bundle – one of the best out there for all of the above. No really – this kit makes brewing brilliant tasting coffee a doddle!

This nifty bundle combines our best-selling Clever Coffee Dripper – the brains behind the brew, the Rhino Small Hand Coffee Grinder – to take your coffee to the next level, and Filtropa Size 4 Filters. It’ll be sure to have you in the gifting good books every time they take a sip of their perfect brew!

Discount code for Clever Dripper Brewing Bundle

And guess what? It wouldn’t be an Advent offer if we didn’t give you the gift of discount now would it? You can get the Clever Brewing Bundle for a whopping 35% off today by using code CLEVERBYNATURE at checkout.

That’s £24 off the regular price – a gift for you and them – what more could you want?

There’s more where that came from - we’ve put together a whole range of coffee gear for beginners right through to pro. So whether you’re looking for a something fun to entice your friend into the world of artisan coffee, or something more extravagant for your coffee brewing loved one – you’ll find something to make their day.

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