Coffee Gift Ideas 2019 - Coffee Hit

Coffee Gift Ideas 2019

This is an updated list of our popular Gift Guide. Featuring the latest product in the World of Coffee. Some great ideas for yourself or for your coffee loving friend.

     1. Baratza Sette 270Wi

Baratza has been making the best grinders for home use for nearly a decade. The Sette series of grinders is their latest series of grinders. calling on their wealth of experience the Sette is the pinnacle of home coffee grinding. Often beating ist commercial counterparts in terms of grind speed and consistency.

The grand master of the Sette series is the 270Wi. With 270 grind setting and straight through grinding the 270Wi is accurate to a few tenths of a gram. No retention and straight into your portafilter. Clean and no fuss. And fast! Will grind 4.5g per second. Has Bluetooth capability and can connect to the Acaia app for storing your brew recipes.


      2. Brewista Ratio Scale

This new scale from Brewista uses inbuilt software to calculate the exact amount of water you need and how fast you should pour. So if you grind say 15g, the inbuilt ratio that can be changed by the user, the Ratio Scale will advise you to pour 240ml of water (based on 1:16 ratio). The pour rate is also monitored and a bar scale advises the speed to pour it.

Also features nano-coating to protect from accidental splashes. And a rechargeable battery.


      3. Rhino Coffee Gear Accutemp Thermometer

This stick-on digital thermometer will stick to any milk jug you have. As the milk temperature rises the temperature indicator windows change colour instantly. A clean and efficient way to read the temperature of your milk.


     4. Rhino Coffee Gear Flat Push Tamper 58.50cm

A completely new way to tamp your coffee ready for espresso. Less strain on the wrist. Much nicer and simpler to use.


      5. Rhino Coffee Gear Dual Spout Shot Glass 3oz/80ml

A really neat thick glass to pour your espresso shots into. A perfect accessory.


     6. Comandante C40 Mk3 Nitro Blade Hand Grinder

Hand grinders are a must for anyone who wants great coffee. Easy to just whip out grind some coffee for a brew. Take on your travels or to the office. Fresh coffee is always to hand. These hand grinders are the best available. Very easy to use and perfect grind consistency.


     7. Department of Brewology Pins

Department of Brewology do a really cool range of pins, posters, caps and t-shirts. Display your love and addiction to coffee with these cool gifts!


      8. Classic American Diner Mug

If you've ever been to America and visited their amazing Diners you will have been served brewed coffee in these mugs. imported from the USA these are the real deal!