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Cyber Monday – Last chance to save!

No one likes a Monday... But what if you could make your Monday FEEL like a Friday?

Well we’re here to tell you that you can.

We’re bringing you the best Monday ever, packed with Friday excitement, with one last day of savings up for grabs. With up to 50% off some of our most sought-after products start the week as you mean to go on – armed with phenomenal coffee gear at a snip of the price – even those dreary work meetings won’t phase you!

Need reminding of what’s in store? Say no more…

Brewista Artisan 1L Gooseneck Variable Kettle – Now only £96.75

Save £32.25 when you buy today and get the most out of amazing, fresh tasting coffee. A slow, even pour is essential in getting that perfect brew and you just can’t get that from a standard kitchen kettle. The gooseneck precision spout is designed to give you complete control for the most accurate and slow pour to help your grinds bloom.

Fellow Clara French Press – 20% off

For coffee that tastes as good as this looks you need to get your hands on the Fellow Clara French Press – its in an immersion league of its own. No scales? No problem – there’s a coffee line and a water line to get your ratios spot on, for the perfect batch every time.

Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle – 20% off

A firm favourite for good reason - you can save nearly £30 when you buy today! This beauty has more features than you can shake a stick at. Variable temperature control, an LCD screen, a hold option, a brew stopwatch and a precision pour spout… You’ll be hard pressed to find something you don’t love about this piece of kit!

AeroPress Travel Brew Kit – 30% off

This is the perfect Christmas bundle for any coffee enthusiast and you can get it for just £64.37. The bundle contains AeroPress, 350 filter papers, Rhinowares Mini Hand Coffee Grinder with AeroPress Adapter, Rhino Travel Bag and Dose Scale. Perfect to slip in a suitcase if you’re travelling so no matter where you go your perfect brew is never out of reach.


Offers end today - don’t wake up tomorrow morning wishing you’d checked the sales sooner. Make sure you bag yourself some amazing coffee gear with deals to make even the savviest shopper smile while you still can.

Happy shopping!