The Brewista Tornado Glass Dripper has 25% off today! - Coffee Hit

The Brewista Tornado Glass Dripper has 25% off today!

With just three weeks to go until the big day we thought we’d check in to see how the shopping’s coming along? Are you sick of hearing about how Jane in the office did all her Christmas shopping back in August while you’re still worrying about what to buy for whom? We thought that could be the case which is why we’ve put together a variety of Advent deals to help you get those Christmas lists ticked off!

We’ve got a whole range of coffee gear for all stages of the coffee brewing journey - from beginners right through to pro. So whether you’re looking for a something fun to encourage your friend into the world of artisan coffee, or something more sentimental for your coffee brewing loved one – you’ll find something that fits the bill.

Day 4’s advent offer is brought to you by good looks and good brews…

The Brewista Tornado Glass Dripper has 25% off today!

This beauty isn’t all looks and no personality – you’ll get exactly what you ordered here with some robust and tasty brews in one of the most stylish drippers we’ve ever seen. The unique ribbed filter slows the pour over extraction time bringing you the best tasting brews, easily.

They’ll be no ‘could have done better’ accusations with this beauty under the tree.

To grab your 25% off make sure you use code YOUCANBREWIT at checkout.

Offer valid for today only so be quick.

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Happy shopping.