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The Fellow Monty Milk Art Cups for 20% off!

We’re a week into our Advent offers – where is the time going?! So many presents to buy – so little time!

If you’ve only just joined us then – welcome – let us bring you up to speed. To mark the run up to Christmas we’ll be announcing a special offer every single day up until the big one. We’ve put together an array of deals to suit everyone – so regardless of whether you’re after a gift for someone new to the world of artisan coffee, or a pro, a friend, a loved one or yourself - you’ll find something that’s perfect for the job.  

So today we’re asking - Cup or Canvas?

We all know there’s an art to coffee making and your canvas matters!

If you’re entertaining this Christmas or know someone who is, then Day 7 of our Advent offers is one not to be missed.

The Fellow Monty Milk Art Cups for 20% off!

Perfecting your latte art never felt so easy with these small but mighty additions. A hidden parabolic slope means you’ll be able to Picasso your pour by elevating crema to the top without interruption. Picture your family and friends’ faces when you bring them a coffee with the most perfect rosetta on top – you’ll be the talk of the dinner table this year.

Montys are also stackable – a nifty bonus because you’ll definitely want more than one!

To get 20% off yours use code THEFULLMONTY at checkout.

Remember – this offer is valid for today only so don’t wait around.

Happy shopping!