Lido 3 Hand Coffee Grinder


The Lido just got better. Not content with making the best hand grinder ever built, Orphan Espresso have just made it better.

Introducing the Lido 3. Some of the features that make the Lido 3 different from Lido 2 include:

  • Plastic jar
  • Foldable handle
  • Bean stopper - Rubber bean stopper so you can transport beans.
  • Same burrs as Baratza Preciso
  • Comes with carry tote bag
  • Includes cleaning brush and hex tool

The Lido 3 is the first and last grinder you will ever need.

Which LIDO Manual Grinder is Right for Me? 

The OE Lido 2, Lido 3, and Lido E Manual Coffee Grinders all have the same precision burr set, made by Etzinger, Ltd, Switzerland.  The format & size of all 3 grinders are the same.  

A short summary of features of the two LIDO hand grinder models:

LIDO 2:  About 1600 grams in weight.  Counter stand is included.  Neoprene travel bag optional & is sold separately.  Glass catch jar.  Satin Nickel Finish.   Standard adjustment ring threading.

LIDO 3:  About 1000 grams in weight.  Includes Neoprene travel bag and hopper stopper.  Folding handle.  RTP Anti-static plastic catch jar.   Black EPD Finish.  Standard adjustment ring threading.

LIDO E:  About 1000 grams in weight.  Counter stand and ConeTop™  Dosing Funnel are included. Neoprene bag is optional & sold separately.  RTP Anti-static plastic catch jar.   Satin Chrome Finish.  Fine Adjustment ring threading.


Your choice of grinders is dependent on your general desired usage.   

The Lido 2 is heavier than Lido 3, and we designed it as a home grinder that can travel.   It is a full range grinder, but some users may find dialing in the espresso range challenging.

The Lido 3 is designed as a travel grinder that can be used at home.   It is a full range grinder, but some users may find dialing in the espresso range challenging.

The Lido E was designed specifically for coffee enthusiasts who intend to use the grinder mostly for espresso or finer grinding levels.   It is a full range grinder.  Some users may find the fine thread resolution challenging in the coarse range.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Lido 3

The order arrived perfectly on time and the grinder is an amazing item that I still need to learn to use properly, though. Great purchase.

A product of real quality

Very seldom nowadays you see such wonderful quality as the Lido 3 grinder. I would say for the price it's a bargain. Suddenly you realize how important the perfect grind is to a perfect cup of coffee.

Excellent Manual Grinder, Some Criticism

Like many internet reviews have stated, Lido 3 is excellent. It's a premium grinder that delivers consistent results and can reach Turkish Coffee range, something that electric grinders can't even do. This manual grinder can achieve quality of electric grinders that cost several times more, and it's built to last. However, there are some things that prospective buyers should be aware of. Firstly, while Lido 3 comes with a ball driver for disassembly, you will also need a L-shaped 2.5 mm Hex Key for that, and it isn't included in the package. Secondly, Lido 3 comes with a brush that is needed to clean the grinder from coffee grinds, preferably daily. However, the brush seems to be of poor quality, and hairs started to come off from it soon after I started using it. It is questionable whether the brush will even survive a year in daily use with me. While this is a small thing, I would still expect more from such an expensive purchase. Also, there are some bean qualities that grind differently than most, resulting in a highly static coffee grounds that get stuck in plastic grinds jar and elsewhere. In that situation, provided brush really isn't up for the job to clean the grinder properly. To solve the problem, I bought a rubber air blower (air pump you squeeze with hand) that is used in photography to clean camera from dust and other particles. It works really well and makes cleaning a fast process, I highly recommend it for everyone who has a manual coffee grinder. Thirdly, the adjustment system for grind size in Lido 3 really is a hassle, as many have said. If you're not changing grind size like every other day, then it's not that important, but if you want to use different coffee-making methods often that require different grind sizes, then Lido 3 may not be the best choice. But I'm certain I made the right choice with Lido 3 - it really lifted the quality of my coffee to a whole new level.

Thank you for detailed review. Some really great tips in their which ive forwarded to Orphan Espresso. Enjoy you grinder!
Just what I wanted and expected

I've been using my Lido 3 almost daily for over two years now and it's still working perfectly. The case makes it easy to take with me anywhere, and with the anti-static brush it's easy to keep clean. The anti-static plastic is really useful too (the coffee grounds will still cling to it for a few seconds but that soon dissipates).


the grinder is nice with almost infinite adjustments for filter or espresso coffee. it comes with a carrying bag, brush , screwdriver and moving arm.