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Bourbon Sidra by Nude Coffee

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 Roast Style MEDIUM

Region: Huila
Producers: Nestor Lasso
Altitude:1,950 M.A.S.L
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Sidra Bourbon

Nestor starts the processing of this rare heirloom coffee by picking the ripe cherries, then placing them in big tanks of water to let any unripe cherries float to the top and remove them. After that, Nestor uses anaerobic fermentation to de-pulp the cherries. Once that is done, he moves on to the more laborious job of aerobic fermentation. This requires more attention on the coffee, as it can quickly become over fermented. This process lasts 18 hours, afterwards they are ready to be dried for 20 days on raised beds.

We selected this gorgeous washed Colombian for its complex tasting notes of whisky and bergamot, with a distinctly peaty smell. We’ve roasted this coffee to be used for multiple brewing methods, but we’d highly recommend giving it a go through an Aeropress.