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New products added to our Black Friday deals!

We’ve all been there – waking up full of regret – in this instance because we missed some banging Black Friday deals. But, never fear! At Coffee Hit we care about making sure everyone gets the best tasting coffee and the finest equipment to brew it with. We wouldn’t want to leave you with empty baskets and broken hearts, so we’ve added even more products to our Black Friday savings!

You read that right… If what was on offer yesterday wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, then we’re sure our new additions will be – there’s some BIG savings to be made.

You can now get your hands on not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 additional products and they’re enough to make even the most veteran of coffee aficionados swoon.

In addition to yesterday’s offer, we’ve added the following epic deals to our website:

20% off the Fellow ODE Grinder (saving nearly £60)

Not only does this grinder look phenomenal (it’s one of the most visually-pleasing pieces of kit we’ve seen) but it’s also kitted out with a variety of impressive features to improve your brewing routine. You’ll never have to worry about the precision of your grind again with this masterful machine - and with its partially removed hopper it should fit neatly under your kitchen cupboards. Result.

£15 off the Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

Need another eye-catching piece of equipment to complement your stunning ODE Grinder? Look no further than the Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle with £15 off! You can enjoy a naturally steady pour with the Stagg’s precision pouring spout while preserving an even temperature with its built-in brew-range thermometer.

20% off the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

Finding the right grinder when you’re starting out on your coffee brewing journey can be hard – there’s a lot to choose from. But this has been hailed as THE go-to entry level grinder for home brewing by coffee experts for its ease of use. Save nearly £30 and take your coffee to the next level when you purchase the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder today.


25% off the Brewista X Series Hand Grinder (save £74.75)

If electric coffee grinders aren’t your bag and you prefer a manual, then we’ve got the perfect addition to your kit in the form of this hand-held grinder from Brewista. This is a top-of-the-line hand grinder – hand built by artisans. Not only will you get 60 grind settings, but if you buy today you’ll also save £74.75 in the process.

Offers available while stocks last so don’t wait around – we’ve seen where that leads!