Delter Coffee Press

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The Delter Coffee Press - Your favourite new coffee maker.

The Delter Coffee Press is designed to give you clean, great tasting coffee. If you've ever used an Aeropress then the Delter Press is going to surprise and excite you.

Simple Delter Coffee Press Instructions:

  1. Take 12g of finely ground coffee, about a paper filter grind.
  2. Unscrew Delter Cap. Place ground coffee in Delter body whilst upside, not in the cap. 
  3. Place a filter paper in cap and rinse. Screw the cap onto Delter Coffee Press and turn right way up.
  4. Fill with hot water to top fill line. Place rubber cap in place. Lift plunger up till above water. 
  5. Press down about 1-2cm and wait 10 seconds while coffee saturates
  6. Slowly press down till bottom, lift plunger and repeat until the water is gone.

Watch the Brew guide from Mark, the inventor of the Delter Coffee Press.