Pallo makes a range of great coffee cleaning and tidy products. From brushes for your counter to your group head.
Pallo Coffee Tool-Pallo-Coffee Hit

Pallo Coffee Tool

This is the tool for every barista maintaining the group heads and steam wands. Multi-functional It is multi-functional with a scoop for measuring...

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Pallo Grindminder-Pallo-Coffee Hit

Pallo Grindminder

The Pallo Grindminder is 2 brushes in one tool. Use one end to brush down your grinder use the other to brush down around your grinder.The grinder ...

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Pallo Coffee Tool Replacement Bristles - Pack of 3-Pallo-Coffee Hit

Pallo Coffee Tool Replacement Bristles - Pack of 3

Pack of 3 Pallo Coffee Tool replacement bristles. Simply unscrew the old head and replace with the new one.

Pallo Steamy Wanda-Pallo-Coffee Hit

Pallo Steamy Wanda

Pallo Steamy Wanda is a better more comfortable and efficient way to clean your steam wands and portafilter spouts. From it's looped end to its lux...

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Pallo Caffeine Wrench-Pallo-Coffee Hit

Pallo Caffeine Wrench

Lot's of useful tools for the shop all packed into one convenient ugly little wrench. Small enough to keep handy around the work area.