Delter Coffee Press


Delter Coffee Press is the first coffee maker designed from the ground up, to solve one of the biggest coffee brewing problems-agitation. Uncontrolled agitation results in bitter coffee and inconsistent extraction. 

Delter’s unique Jet-Seal keeps the brew water and coffee grounds separated preventing uncontrolled agitation. Water contact is activated by actuating the Jet-Seal with pressure, offering complete control over water flow and agitation. The result is an exceptional cup like no other. Less bitterness with more clarity.

Great Blog on differences between Aeropress and Delter Press. 

Customer Reviews

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Great alternative to the Aeropress

Being a big fan of the Aeropress, I just had to give this a go after hearing that it is suppose to be an improved.

It is definitely way less fiddly to use, as it doesn't require any brewing or stirring and so the results are therefore much more consistent. My only issues with it are:

(1) the sealer on the plunger has a habit of riding up and out of place, therefore letting water through where it shouldn't. This isn't the end of the world but does often result in you having to do a couple more plunges to get all the water through the grounds.

(2) it's quite easy to burn yourself if you push down with a flat palm covering the hole where you fill the chamber with water. I believe they have now made a dosing tool that doubles as heat seal for the fill chamber, which would prevent this.

Here's a useful recipe the kind folks at Coffee Hit got for me after I didn't hear back from Delter direct.

(1) RE Grind coarseness, James is correct, finer end is the target. I'd suggest the following recipe:

1. Dose 15g coffee per 200ml water (assume 15g for below instructions)
2. Grind medium-fine (around v60 coarseness) as starting point, and adjust to taste.
3. Make sure piston is fully inserted and brew chamber flipped over, add ground coffee into coffee chamber
4. place filter into cap and rinse, then screw on over the brew chamber
5. Flip over onto cup / server, then fill to 200ml line
6. Raise piston to 50ml level, press (pre-infusion), wait 30sec for bloom
7. raise to 100ml and slowly press
8. raise to 100ml again (this time there will be some air pocket between water and piston)
9. Press once more, until you hear air coming through coffee, this is when brew is complete.
10. total time 1:30-1:45

For larger batches, just dose more coffee and refill brew chamber (i.e 25g coffee with 400ml water)

Aeropress 2.0

Having used the Aeropress for over 10 years I was keen to see how the Delter coffee press performed. The first impression was it looked and used the same as an AeroPress. But no this is different. The Delter seems to inject the water through the coffee. This gives you more control. No more inverted method needed here. The Delter gives much more control over the brewing process. Pre-infuse, brew a little, wait, then brew again. Also allows me to brew a full mug.
Clean up is a little tricker, though could be just me not doing it right.