Rhino Tall Hand Grinder

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The New Rhino Tall Hand Coffee Grinder is the perfect tool for making great coffee at home, work or travel.

Our all-new V4 has some improved features:

  • New handle connector. Much more sturdy and solid.
  • The improved lid and bin. Less likely to slip off during grinding.
  • New burrs. Grooved burrs so no slipping.
  • New packaging with a new instructional manual for using and cleaning.

Grind fresh, don't buy pre-ground

The one single you thing you can do to improve your coffee is to grind fresh. By fresh we don't mean ground a month ago, or a week ago or even a day ago, we mean now! Only grind what you need to make the next cup of delicious coffee. We recommend 18g-20g per person or mug of coffee. 

There is no better smell than freshly ground coffee in the morning.

We designed the Rhinos Hand Grinder for the person who likes to drink great coffee. We improved the overall design of the standard hand grinders on the market to give you a more consistent grind size which allows you better extraction and more tastiness!


You can take the hand coffee grinder anywhere. This extremely portable coffee grinder comes with its own carry case, giving you the flexibility to take it to work or on your travels to make sure you get your fresh cup of coffee each day.

It teams up great with an Aeropress or Clever Dripper or any Hario V60 Dripper. 

It's all stainless steel body and ceramic cone burrs mean it can grind from Espresso to French Press.

Features and benefits include:

  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Ceramic conical burrs - Stay sharp longer and uniform grind size.
  • Large 40g capacity
  • Improved central rod design so the rod and burrs don't wobble
  • Improved Handle design means the handle won't slip off whilst grinding and a bigger end handle for better grip
  • Sleek design
  • New V2 model we have improved the outer burr holder, results in a more consistent grind


Customer Reviews

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Terrible product design.

I bought this grinder as an upgrade to my trusty Hario grinder, but it's not lived up to the expectations whatsoever. A list of the problems I've had to date:

1) Handle was incredibly squeaky upon purchase and had to oil it
2) Handle is so weighted that the grinder topples over any chance it gets
3) The basket is interference fit with the grinder body (poorly) so it slips off and you have to squeeze it tightly to keep it on
4) The top burr is ceramic and fits against plastic which wore away and now spins around with the bottom burr unless the grind setting is on very fine, this also caused large chunks of coffee bean through around the outside - I've had to glue it into place now

A few pros:

1) It's quiet in comparison to the Hario which is good for using at work
2) Less effort to grind (especially on the fine setting)
3) Looks and feels good quality.

I would not recommend, at all. I've not had an issue with the handle attachment, but I've read a lot of reviews that have said theirs have snapped off the Hex fitting.

Birthday present

Bought as a birthday present for mid November so apart from visual appearance and a fast delivery can't add much more